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Lasalle sits along the north shore of Lake Erie. Our community is in the Essex County region. We have a unique location as the most southern Town in Canada, and we enjoy the warmest climate of any city in Ontario. Our region is at the same latitude as northern California. The average temperature reaches above 50°F (10°C) 223 days of the year.
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Popular Property Types

New Builds

Investing in a newly built home in LaSalle, Ontario offers a blend of modern comfort and suburban charm. Enjoy the latest amenities, energy-efficient features, and customizable options tailored to your lifestyle. With updated infrastructure and warranties, buyers gain peace of mind. LaSalle's welcoming community and convenient access to amenities make it an ideal location for settling down. Whether seeking comfort, style, or convenience, purchasing a newly built home here ensures contemporary living in a thriving community.

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Popular Property Types


Investing in a townhouse in LaSalle, Ontario offers a convenient and low-maintenance lifestyle. Enjoy the benefits of homeownership with less upkeep, ideal for busy professionals or those seeking a simplified living arrangement. With modern designs, amenities, and often lower maintenance costs compared to single-family homes, townhouses in LaSalle provide both comfort and affordability. Additionally, LaSalle's charming community and proximity to amenities make townhouse living an attractive option for those looking to settle down in a vibrant neighborhood.


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Investing in a waterfront home in LaSalle, Ontario offers unparalleled tranquility and luxury. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Detroit River, along with direct access to water activities like boating and fishing. Whether as a primary residence or vacation retreat, waterfront properties in LaSalle provide an idyllic setting for relaxation and recreation. With LaSalle's convenient location and vibrant community, owning a waterfront home here promises not just a residence, but a coveted waterfront lifestyle with enduring value.

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Unique Community

LaSalle, Ontario, stands out as a unique community blending small-town charm with modern amenities. Its strategic location along the Detroit River offers scenic views and recreational opportunities. With a rich cultural heritage, vibrant events, and a strong sense of community, LaSalle fosters connections and a high quality of life. From its welcoming neighbourhoods to its bustling commercial areas, LaSalle embodies the perfect balance of tranquility and convenience, making it a truly special place to call home.


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